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Metal Restoration

A metal roof restoration system provides an already existing metal roof with a durable coating to increase the roof’s lifespan and performance.


Membrane Restoration

A membrane restoration system improves and extends the life of an existing membrane roof, plus renew approved single-ply membrane roofs


Fabric Reinforced

The full-fabric reinforcement system involves a seamless acrylic coating, which can be applied as a restoration or on brand new roofs


Spray Foam

Spray foam is a polyurethane foam that creates a waterproof, highly insulated barrier which drastically decreases energy costs 

Roofing Systems

We offer commercial roofing services that will protect and defend your building for years to come. Specializing in metal and membrane restoration, spray foam, and a fabric reinforced system, we offer the best solution at the best price.

Roof restoration can fix leaking seams, improve draining, prevents rusting, and much more.

  • Spray foam (SPF) is seamless, waterproof, energy-efficient, and easily maintained.
  • Fabric reinforced roofing systems offer you added durability and protection as well as savings in energy costs.
  • Our solutions will give you long-term results and are not temporary fixes.

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Why is my roof leaking?

  • Leaks generally penetrate a roof’s surface through either a seam, fastener, or protrusion (AC unit, exhaust pipe, etc.).
  • Leaks can also come from tears in a membrane or gouges in a metal panel due to deterioration or storm damage.

What causes roof leaks?

  • Leaks can often be attributed to deterioration. On membrane roofs, the welds that hold two sheets together will eventually pull apart and cause water leaks. On metal roofs, fastener seals will crack over time, allowing enough movement for the seams to pull apart so that water can seep into your building.
  • Building contraction and expansion can cause seams and fasteners to come loose and lose their effectiveness.
  • Storm damage can be the most difficult cause to pinpoint as it often results in holes spread randomly throughout a roof’s surface. If your roof has suffered storm damage, have it inspected as soon as possible.
  • A rusty flat roof can collect dirt and debris, creating rough surfaces and water dams near seams and fasteners. Eventually, this accumulation of water will lead to leaks.
  • Incorrect roof system installations or neighboring construction can cause leaks.

How do I get my roof to stop leaking?

  • Clear the roof’s surface of all dirt and debris.
  • Ensure all drain flaws are corrected.
  • Reinforce all seams, fasteners, and roof protrusions.
  • Have a roof restoration applied to your existing roof. A monolithic smooth-finish coating system is highly recommended for the entire roof’s surface.
  • In the event that your roof’s insulation is saturated, a partial or complete tear-off may be recommended. This will be evaluated at the time of your roof inspection.

My warranty has expired. Can I get a new one?

  • Absolutely! With our systems, we can fully restore nearly any roof in the industry and provide a brand new warranty to closely match your original warranty. This can be done without having to remove any part of your existing roof!
  • Roof Tech warranties both labor and materials. Our non-prorated coating restoration warranties range from five to 20 years.
  • We highly recommend getting your roof under warranty if your current warranty has expired. Unexpected difficulties can pop up out of nowhere and leave your roof in rough shape, especially if it hasn’t undergone proper maintenance.

My roof is in bad shape. Can it be restored?

  • Even in some of the worst cases, roofs can still be restored. A portion of your roof may have to be cut open and replaced from the deck up to the surface.
  • We evaluate each project with core samples and close examinations of your roof deck to properly determine how much (if any) of your roof needs to be replaced. This evaluation takes place during the initial inspection.

Why choose roof restoration over full replacement?

  • Restoration systems can fully restore your existing roof while providing a brand new surface that offers equal or superior protection compared to a full replacement.
  • All seams and fasteners are eliminated with a restoration system, providing a seamless roof that is far more likely to remain leak-free than a standard fully replaced roof with new seams and fasteners.
  • A restoration prevents the need to tear off your existing roof and replace insulation that is still in good and serviceable shape.
  • The finish of a restoration system has a higher reflectivity rating as well as greater resiliency against dirt and debris.
  • Roof restoration is more eco-friendly. Save a few trips to the landfill.
  • One of the best reasons to choose a restoration coating system is the assurance you will never have to replace your roof for the lifetime of your building. When it comes time for another roof update, all that’s required to renew your warranty is a thorough cleaning and a fresh layer of coatings.

How much do roof restorations cost?

  • Roof Tech has a variety of options. Prices start out at around $2.75 per square foot.

How long do roof restorations last?

  • The average lifespan of a restoration system is around 25 years. We have several different coatings that have varying lifespans and re-coat recommendations ranging from 10 to 20 years.
  • Roof Tech recommends applying re-coats soon after warranties expire to ensure your roof stays effective and efficient.
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