Metal Restoration

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What Goes into Metal Roof Restoration?

A metal roof restoration system provides an already existing metal roof with a durable coating to increase the roof’s lifespan and performance. Metal roof restorations create waterproof barriers, protecting metal roofs from leaks and inhibiting rust accumulation.

The attractive white finish reflects heat rather than absorbing it, reducing building cooling costs in hot months. Our industry-leading metal roof restoration coating protects the entire roof surface, preserving an existing roof while preventing the need for a costly roof replacement.

Our warranties range from 10 to 20 years. All of our warranties are non-prorated, transferable, and easily renewable. Ask us how you can put a metal roof restoration into your company’s budget expense rather than capital expenditure to save even more money!

What Can Metal Restoration Do for You?

  • Create a waterproof seal that prevents any future leaks
  • Extend your roof’s lifespan by drastically increasing durability
  • Save you money on utility costs, especially in hot months
  • Overcome design flaws in existing metal
  • Minimize building expansion and contraction
  • Save you money by preventing the need for roof replacement

Steps of the Metal Restoration Process

Apply cleaning acid to the existing roof.

This acid works to remove surface rust.

Thoroughly power wash the entire roof surface.

Power washing clears away loose debris to prepare for coating application.

Apply primer to the roof.

The primer prevents future rust while ensuring no remaining rust bleeds through the acrylics that are to be applied.

Apply fabric-reinforced acrylic base coating.

This fabric reinforces the seams and provides added strength and waterproofing.

Seal all fasteners with caulk.

The sun can damage and deteriorate fasteners over time, so caulking provides a tight seal.

Apply the final topcoat over the entire roof surface. The white topcoat reflects 85% of the sun’s rays away from the building while protecting the base coat and caulk from all weather conditions.

Available colors for Metal Restoration


Metal Restoration Images

Metal 1 - Before (2)

Metal 2 After (1)

Metal 2 After (2)

Metal 2 During

Metal After

Metal Rest (1)

Metal Rest (2)

Metal Rest (3)

Metal Rest (4)

Metal Rest (5)

Metal Rest (6)

Metal Rest (7)

Metal Rest (8)

Metal Rest (9)

Metal Rest (10)

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